[SOCR3] Drippy Kim

YankeeFlatline 219

Bit of a risky plan to try to use drip econ in a meta that's rife with Scarcity, but went for it anyway and it worked out okay. Deuce's for draw and crap, and also to make good runs sometimes, that's very nice, you're getting drip econ from Data Folding and Phone guy. Bad pub is like drip econ that you get up to four times a turn; ideally you're getting free central runs if you get enough bad pub going, so the Archivist is great for that and also turning on Phone guy. Cutlery suite depending on what you're going against, this has Knifed because Kakugo is a pain in the butt and you want to put it in the trash where it belongs. Gauntlet gives you multi-access, that's real nice, and Corporate Defector lets you know when to run HQ. Kim is good for chewing through R&D against a lot of corp right now so Mobius is a nice way to get some start up funds in your opening hand. Just went for good breakers as much as possible since the Conspiracy breakers are expensive garbo against so much ice. Moves pretty fast and wins some games, puts out a lot of pressure for a CR deck and it's fun to face check ice.