More of the same Argus (First at NYC Regionals)

osclate 687

Argus continues to be the most fun corp! Only differences from Nemamiah's list are -1 Archer, +1 Tithonium; -1 Fast Track, +1 Cyberdex Virus Suite. I still love the Tithonium, but the CVS didn't do anything besides its best Prisec impression. Not bad, but not the best use of a slot.

Only loss was to Apoc 419 that embezzled all my High Profile Targets. It happens! I beat Adam, Freedom, and Ed Kim twice. Unfortunately, the split final round meant that I didn't get to play Argus as much in swiss as we randomized sides and I rolled runner both times.

Highlight of the day was flatlining good friend Groenkaaf in the grand finals as he's been scoffing at Argus for weeks. Also, he's team dog, so he deserved it.

Thanks again to -NYC friends for such a fun day of Netrunner!

23 Jun 2019 neuropantser

Congrats on the win! Well-deserved.

23 Jun 2019 scd

Hooray for #teamcat!

26 Jun 2019 groenkaaf

i did deserve it but i still scoff at argus. congrats!