Aldershot: Nexus Reina

protolich 10

My Reina deck for the Aldershot regional. Could have gone better, but it's always a learning experience!

First game against CtM a turn two AR puts me on the back foot and I never manage to get rolling enough to threaten the corp. They score out comfortably.

Second game, also a CtM. The corp gets to 6 points off Lady Liberty but then I get some drip set up and nexus installed, they get no staple economy and I keep seeing agenda in HQ. A win (incidentally my first ever against a CtM)!

Third game vs Skorp. Unfortunately my opponent gets a perfect rush draw. I cannot find my breakers and it was all over by turn 6.

Fourth game was against a Titan. I was worried this would be another super fast play but it was not to be. I get nexus down and start to bleed the corp's money. I manage to bleed their econ and grind the victory.

Fifth game was against an Mti another bug bear ID of mine. Again the rush is on. I get an early SSL off R&D while strike is up but I end up unable to find either MKUltra or Nexus until the corp already has two Nisei and a double advanced Obo. Damn you fast corps!

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