RAM: Vanilla PD (NFL S01E01 RAM01)

Pawndawan 28

Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice GIF

This is actually my first own deck that I've built. Before this, I've been netdecking my tournament decks. I used this deck in Netrunner Finland League (NFL) S01E01: Random Access Memories 1. My other tournament deck was Esâ Afontov/Clan Vengeance sabotage deck.

I didn't have time to test my decks prior to the tournament, so there were certainly many piloting errors. Also, as a player who started only 6 months ago, most of the cards were new to me. I relied maybe a bit too much on the crowdsourced card rankings, choosing power-cards over solidifying the deck's synergetic core.

Overall, I think I did a pretty good job with the corp deck, since all the other corp decks in the top 4 were also PD.

In hindsight, I should've built a bit faster version (see AxWill's winning rushy PD list.

Some thoughts on card choices

  • Third SSL Endorsement was a bit too much, you should force the runner to steal four agendas by running more two-pointers.
  • That single Audacity didn't do me anything. Maybe spend the influence on ICE like AxWill did.
  • I was blinded by Macrophage's high strength (and Trash or Busto rating), this ICE should had been something else since the relevant subroutine is easy to break or beat otherwise.

For reference, this was our RAM cardpool:

Large sets: Honor and Profit, & System Gateway

Small sets: A Study in Static, Mala Tempora, Kala Ghoda, Business First, The Liberated Mind, Fear the Masses, Intervention, Quorum, Station One, Earth's Scion, Down the White Nile, & Midnight Sun