Fifty-nine card Bio-Ethics

ScrappySPJ 344

Give this a try if you like making your opponents miserable.

In case it's not obvious the plan is to use Whampoa (which is the first priority to find and almost the only thing to Tech Startup for) to hide all your Agendas at the bottom of the deck, whilst your ID makes trashing anything difficult/imposible and you have the Whampoa + Shannon combo to recur anything you want.

You need very few credits ever if you draw a Breaker Bay, and one active Health Clinic is normally enough. You mostly click for cards, not credits, as you want to see the cards you need and have excess cards to discard to Whampoa to fuel your ID ability.

It would be nice in principal to have a second Election Day to speed matters up instead of one of the Shannons but she's so good against Indexing that you do want all three.

Scarcity is obviously great against Hayley opponents, but against anybody who might have Strikes its more important to hold them back. Film Critic obviously makes the opponents task of scoring 3 agendas easier but there's still only 8 in total in 59 cards so it's not a massive issue.

8 Feb 2018 seeds34

Interesting. Now seeing the deck list I don't think I could of beaten it at the SC, without some major luck. Cheers for posting.