Fast-advance is the best way (SOCR-11 13th/54)

Sokka 1322

This is a neat deck. ASA let’s you click compress a lot of stuff onto the board. Bass, Calibration, and Biotic means there are 9 cards that let you fast-advance the five 3/2 agendas in your deck (3x Vitruvius and the second 2 Megaprix). It’s also fairly easy to get 3 of the 9 pieces and fast-advance a Vacheron.

Agendas are relatively safe as well. Only 11 points are available to the runner outside of Vacheron and if the runner steals Vacheron then you know exactly how many turns you have to win the game.

I tested this deck in standard constructed with different ice (like Fairchild 3) and it holds up nicely as well!