Nasty Little Girl - 3rd place, SC2017 @ The Attic

gpking 137

Store Championship @ The Attic - 06-May-2017

Game 1 vs. Aaron (Builder of Nations) = Timed Loss

I wasn't able to find my R&D Interface before time was called and wasn't able to snipe agendas from R&D and HQ either. Atman 4 and Datasuckers was able to keep the corp from securing a scoring remote.

Game 2 vs. Di-Anne (Chronos Protocol) = Won

Same Old Thing into a trashed Levy AR Lab Access when I had almost nothing left to trash gave me enough time to steal agendas for the win.

Game 3 vs. Choon Ling (Gagarin Deep Space) = Won

Kept up credits to stay ahead of Hard Hitting News with the help of Magnum Opus. Tour Guides were the main target for Parasites instead of having to pay a bunch to break. Corp had a Sandburg up behind 1 layer of ice. After building up enough creds, I spent click 1 to run and trash Sandburg, click 2 to The Maker's Eye breaking through Quandary and Vanilla with Atman 0 stealing 1 more agenda and then run the scoring remote with a double advanced card for the win.

Top 4 Cut - Lower Bracket vs. Calvin (Blue Sun) = Lost

Parasite + Sifr and a couple of clone chips early made a huge impact allowing me to trash whatever ice the corp rezzes and unable to bounce them back for creds. Eventually lost to Midseason Replacements + Scorched Earth because I had to trash both my Plascretes to Tribunal in order to steal an advanced Oaktown Renovation to deny the win from the corp the turn before.

Post-tournament thoughts:

A second R&D Interface is very much wanted here as this deck simply struggles to keep a good lock to make runs worth it. Sharpshooter had no impact on the games that were played throughout the tournament. Since I'm already running Sifr + Atman 0 (+ the occasional Parasite and Clone Chips), I will probably cut Sharpshooter for the second R&D Interface.

7 May 2017 str4atman

Interesting that you're packing only AI breakers (aside from the lone Sharpshooter). I suppose Parasifr was enough to overcome anti-AI ICE?

7 May 2017 gpking

@str4atman The only anti-AI ICE that would have been a problem would probably be Swordsman. I don't think any of the other anti-AI ICE would really impact this deck too much. ParaSifr was definitely enough to handle most ICE threats efficiently.

31 May 2017 mat

what about cutting one sucker + one chip for one vamp + scavenge/test run? think that would hit the tempo too much?