Panic CtM - 1st Place Leisure Games SC

massisi 196

Let me start by saying I don't think this is the strongest deck I could have taken to the SC, however, having done no real testing in the quorum meta I decided it was better sticking with what I knew hence panic CtM. While CtM is perceived to be weaker now we have quorum, this isn't strictly true, although Aaron makes the crim match up stronger, CtM still puts insane pressure on the runner through it's assets that crim can't afford to spend too many clicks drawing for Aaron, also most anarchs have switched back to dumbleforks which has a weaker CtM matchup and you now have IP Block which is just amazing against dumbles. Therefore CtM is neither strictly better off or worse than before it all depends on how much crim/anarch you expect.

The deck went 4-1 on the day, beating 3 criminals and a dumbles and losing to one dumblefork (piloted by beyoken). Against criminal either they didn't have enough time to dig for Aaron or I was able to trash an early Aaron with HHN before it got any counters, ideally you want to be able to land a Breaking News into CA before they find Aaron.

I would definitely swap the wraparound for a 3rd resistor, as wrap is basically just a worse IP Block in this list.