CI7 D'igornio Style (1st Place X-Planet Toronto 14/01/17)

d1en 3413

It's not delivery, it's D'Argenio

16 Jan 2017 fatolaf

How does this compete vs Sifr now? Mother goddess alone won't last long

16 Jan 2017 mrgoldendeal

Works fine - the point of the ice is to gear check long enough to find the pieces and combo out. Being able to find Sifr, have enough money to install it, find a Parasite, and get significant enough multi-access can be a problem. I beat this deck with my Sifr Kate deck but only because I got extremely lucky and managed to pull all of the Efficiency Committees before Dien got the combo ready

20 Jan 2017 catch8088

Why Paper Wall and not Vanilla? Parasite delay?

21 Jan 2017 Pilltechre

When Paper Wall dies the Mother Goddess' go back to being only Mythic (Unless Macrophage or Quandry are rezzed)

21 Jan 2017 catch8088

So you can actually have two ICE on HQ. And Quandary would still not allow a Fracter to break Mother Goddess so it could be used to protect other centrals. Nice!