Antiagenda annoyance

HaverOfFun 1

Fun (for me) little experiment to see how nutty -1 agenda points can become. No real defence except for the possibility of accessing some nasty traps. Tried to make it a mix of -1 agenda stuff and fast advance to prevent an overly slow game where the runner just waits until you mill out.

ID: Precision Design is to allow recursion of -1 agenda point pieces if the runner chooses to take the alternative mode on News Team as well as get back econ pieces.

Agendas: Global Food Initiative is there to further reduce runner progress on the board, other agendas are smallest ones to allow fast scoring for corp and Hyperloop and Megaprix have the upside of giving bonuses if stolen (likely given the lack of any real defence).

Assets: News Team (Despite no tag punishment ;P) and Nightmare Archive to slow down runners. Cerebral Overwriter is there to make the runner as hesitant as possible to take the core damage from Nightmare Archive as well as to provide a Hangeki target that the runner will always wish not to access.

Operations: Hangeki for -1 agenda point (the trash precondition is quite easy to satisfy). Otherwise, the rest of the cards are for fast advancing the game before you get milled out (Fast Break especially can get quite nuts here).

Upgrades: Mr. Hendrik and Tempus further increase the reluctance of the runner of suffering core damage from Nightmare Archive and usually lead to them only focusing on R&D, allowing you to sneak some agendas through. Tranquility Home Grid helps massively with econ given the amount of installable cards in the deck.

ICE: Meridian is another auto-include for the -1 agenda alone but also a decent enough early facecheck to hamper the runner's progress. I'd only really put it on R&D to slightly slow down runner multi-accesses that may lead to them trashing and stealing a lot of cards and resulting in you milling out.

Deck improvements: Given the lack of any tag punishment for the News Team, I'm considering the idea of adding Ontological Dependence and some Hypoxias given the already hefty amount of core damage in the deck. Not sure about this though, so very keen for input. Thanks!

31 Jan 2023 Mancini

This deck made my Tao very, very sad. My personal suggestion, take it or leave it, is to cut the Hendriks and add in more ice so the runner doesn't just add the Meridian to their score area and then Stargate/Conduit R&D. All in all this deck is definitely worthy of joining the Cult of Jank.

31 Jan 2023 HaverOfFun

Yeah true, adding some end the run ice just to make the runner actually get some breakers might give me some time to score enough agendas so I would only really need to score one last one using a big Fast Break. Thanks for the feedback and the game!