Yolo Hasty CI (3rd Linköping SC)

hlynurd 222

Still learning how to play this deck. Went 4-2 with this in total. Won one game thanks to Mother Goddess and another thanks to 7 brain damage Brainstorm. Didn't save me in the losers final though:


30 Jan 2017 postis

That Mother Goddess is my eternal shame. From now on, I'll always slot 1x Atman. Always. Well played!

It doesn't seem to be in the actual list though? :P

1 Feb 2017 hlynurd

You played well too! I was lucky not to have played against your Turncoats in the losers finals - still not sure how to behave with Sifr-Parasite Whizzard against that.

Ah, I think one Vanilla is supposed to be mother goddess and a rototurret is supposed to be Excalibur.