[Startup] Tweaking, not Fixing

Gulbrandr 29

2-1 at a CO, dropping a game to a Loup deck that kept trashing my Biotic Labors with Imps. Beat a Steve Cambridge that just could not draw an icebreaker to save his life, and a Loup that just couldn't find his economy. Turns out, your opponent drawing the wrong half of their deck is a pretty good strategy.

This was based on this list when I woke up at 4:30AM worried that my homebrew PD deck had terrible ice and would never keep anyone out of anything. It was actually pretty close to what I was already playing, albeit with a somewhat different agenda layout (-2 Send A Message, +1 Arcology +2 Elivigar +1 Offworld) and better ice. I hadn't actually read Wave, and couldn't figure out why anyone played it because its sub looked bad. Then I used it to grab a Bloop and never looked back.

Honestly, best part was how the ice functioned. I've never played seriously with the Harmonic package before, and it was surprisingly effective at locking things up. With Elivagar and Bloop, I was able to get some Echos up to 5-6 subs, taxing boats and wallets alike. I also got to derez a Regolith that still had 6 credits on it, which funded basically my entire game once I clicked it away.

My major change from the original list was adding the Marilyn Campaigns, which was 100% a mistake. I think over the entire tournament they netted me about 4 credits total. They either clogged my scoring remote, or tempted me to reshuffle at inopportune moments. Best use I had for the Marilyns all day was trashing both to an Anoetic.

If I were changing things, I'd do -2 Marilyn -1 Reversed, +2 Gaslight +1 Sprint. I had several times I couldn't find my fast advance cards and had to dig hard, ending up with a bit of flood as a result, which all of those would fix. Might be a bit overkill for card fixing, but hey, you tweak and adjust. Reversed just felt very awkward given that I never want to advance stuff and leave it on the table.