Laguna Lock Hayley [World Champion 2017]

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Laguna Lock Hayley
Hayley Lock (SC17 Winner)
Laguna Lock Hayley (its nearly the same as the worlds deck)
Interdiction Hayley
Rien ne va plus Store Championship Runner Deck (Copy of 4666
Laguna Lock Hayley w/ Clip 3-0 ChiLo City Grudge Match 2018
Laguna Lock Hayley
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chaosjuggler 1711

This is the deck I used to win Worlds 2017. The decklist itself must be credited to AnalyzeChris, and I took the list that was published on NetrunnerDB that André Nilsson used to win Malaysian Nationals 2017, removed an Interdiction, and added an Atman (for Mythic ice). I didn't play against any asset decks, which this deck very much struggles against, but instead played against mostly Obokata decks (Feedback Filter MVP).

Stay tuned to The Winning Agenda for further discussion of Worlds itself and the strategy of this deck.

Please note that the FFG listing for this deck has 44 cards and only 1 Astrolabe - the real list has 2.

6 Nov 2017 spags

Nice deck. ;)

Great job!

Remember we lowly humans you played cards with when the robopocalypse comes!

6 Nov 2017 stoppableforce

It's not an FFG deck listing if it isn't illegal, confused about card types, or just plain wrong, now is it?

Grats on your win!

7 Nov 2017 neuropantser

I will buy 2 of these for the playset of full-art SMCs and I will like it. Congrats on the win!

7 Nov 2017 x-factor103

I feel obliged to ask the question I know many are thinking: why a choice for not-Film Critic as your restricted pick? Did you encounter any Obokata shenanigans, and if so how did you deal with them? Very neat to see both you and the 2nd place finisher both chose not to take Film Critics.

I also will need 2x copies of the full bleeds for SMC. #shaperlife !

7 Nov 2017 x-factor103

Sorry, posted and THEN read the description. My understanding was that you still needed to suffer the damage for Obokata and that it couldn't be prevented by Feedback filter. Forgive my lowly, plebeian questions. Or do you mean in the description that you would suffer the damage to steal Obokata and then use Feedback Filter/Citadel Sanctuary to prevent the follow up kill?

7 Nov 2017 BENJI9520

@x-factor103 I think he means that Feedback filter is just really good against decks that run obakata. Grindy PU decks, etc.

7 Nov 2017 MazeBerlin

Really good job. Full-art Na'Not'K, Inti and Misdirection will be great guys :)

7 Nov 2017 analyzechris

When stealing Obokata, you’re typically harangued by pings from House of Knives and Kakugo, so Feedback Filter helps there. On the other side, Laguna helps you beef up on cards to actually steal/pay Ben Musashi and feed the Data Loop.

7 Nov 2017 evilgaz

Great job Wilfy, but two SMC!? I never figured you for one of them ... ;)

Good to see you and Jesse at Worlds again this year.

7 Nov 2017 x-factor103

@analyzechris Thanks for the clarification.

I was actually really happy to see Laguna in this build. I experimented with it and the card draw is really REALLY good. Like ProCo, it's a tempo hit to drop, but if you just want draw it really does work. I'd dismissed it myself due to still coming to terms with the new runner economy, but I'm really happy to see it here.

I imagine if you're Laguna-ing for cards to steal Obokata, Levy makes a nice restricted pick to get all those cards back (along with recycling your economy). And b/c Laguna is down, you can draw through all those cards again with great speed.

30 Nov 2017 ChairmanHiro

My question is about using indexing/dash over Maker's/Equivocation. You have an atman to get around excalibur, but what is your answer to a miraju on RnD? Miraju is in prettymuch every single jinteki deck, and putting it on RnD vs shaper to stop indexing cold is a pretty standard play.

7 Mar 2018 msbekk

@ChairmanHiro Femme?

21 Mar 2019 andromeda

I'm kind of new to Netunner, but I just purchased this World Championship 2017 Hayley Kaplan deck - but how come there are two restricted cards in it? Surely this would mean that it's not valid for tournament? Or am I mis-understanding what restricted actually means? Plus, how would i know if a card is restricted?

19 Sep 2019 presheaf

Sorry about the late reply, but at the time of the World Championship, only one of the cards (Levy) was restricted. Mad Dash didn't become restricted until later. You can tell what cards are currently restricted from the Organized Play section of

29 Dec 2023 zoeywats