[Startup] Big Deal at the bottom tables - Worlds 2022

USBConnector 20

I really wanted to play Big Deal at worlds. It looks like a fun card to use as a win condition.

Playing Big deal means needing big money. I wasn't sure if I should meta call boat and go bad pub or go transactions. I opted for transactions as it's an ID I haven't played much of and threw in all of the transactions. From there I took a guess on the ICE based on the guidelines of glacier decks in the past.

I threw in Punitive to round off the decklist as a backup plan for when the jank wouldn't work or if they got through the ICE.

I had not piloted the deck prior to the event and surprisingly it was my second most consistent deck that weekend. It won 3/5 matches (mind you one was a friendly after IDing but I digress)

Unfortunately I played Big Deal once, I did not win that game (but close!). All wins with this deck were all of double punitive counterstrikes.