I came here to be tested (1st, Ottawa SC & GNK, 15/03/24)

lopert 1618

This deck has been 16-1 in the past 3 tournaments.

The single loss was to NEH that I had to play twice in a row coming from lower bracket because of the way the corping / running worked out in the elimnation bracket.

Corp meta faced: A ton of "Garbage Route" (aka NEARPAD) asset spam NEH, a ton of 6 agenda punitive Blue Sun, Tennin Trick of Light, Fastrobiotics NEH, RP, and more.

MVP Award goes to... Notoriety! Nothing beats running archives for 6 points against Blue Sun and then winning the game before they can punitive you. Stealing multiple NAPDs from NEH and playing Notoriety for the 7th point is a close second.

Corp deck here: Daily Biotic Dose

1 Apr 2015 McKindling

2x Plascrete and Utopia. I'm guessing you have a lot of meat damage in your meta? Would you include that much protection if you play at regionals?

1 Apr 2015 lopert

@McKindling 6 agenda punitive got really popular really fast in the meta. Thinking back, I believe I really only installed a Plascrete once or twice in 17 games as runner. The 2nd Plascrete is probably one of the first cards I would cut.

2 Apr 2015 AsteriskCGY

Eh, isn't the point of 2 isn't to have both, but just to see one sooner?

2 Apr 2015 lopert


Versions before had Mr. Li as well as a single Plascrete, so I could find it a bit better. I then got a bit scared running just one against my local meta, so I decided to just put in the second Plascrete.

However, playing through 3 tournaments and having played a Plascrete only once or twice against so much Weyland means to me that 2 isn't really necessary.

The deck is able not to lose to flatline through patient, intelligent play, and as such I'd rather have cards in those slots that help me in other matchups, such as more economy or card draw.