Audacity. Success. Success.

Dirjel 277

Sacrifice is for other people.

So this is Jemison. You'll want to ICE up R&D hard, because you'll basically score your agendas as soon as you can draw them. You'll also want to make exactly one well-ish defended remote, so you can keep your Oberth Protocols alive as long as possible.

Lots of advanceable ICE. Advance it. Mass comm is bonkers, RPC wins games.

Feel free to use Success to forfeit an empty SSL to score an Atlas with 5 or 6 tokens (depending on Oberth). That'll pretty much win you the game. Your 1x Audacity will also win you the game. It's pretty typical to be sitting on a hand of Biotic, Audacity, Success, RPC, just waiting for an agenda to score. It's fine. Just keep iceing stuff up.

Turtle sucks, since we don't have a ton of multi-sub ICE, but we DO have Cyberdex + Tithonium/Archer/Wormhole, so if you can get them to faceplant into that and trash their whole rig, do it. Turtle players don't deserve any better.

We also have Hortum, which is totally worth advancing 3x to keep Turtle out, and it also makes a very compelling target for Wormhole (which fires ALL the time, nobody ever expects a 7 strength code gate).

Also, always put a Border Control in front of HQ versus blue. You can't afford to get DoF'd.

29 Apr 2019 Gaslight

Whatup with the junebugs though. Seems like you could benefit from some additional econ instead?

29 Apr 2019 Cliquil

This isn't my deck but I played something very similar. You can put it next to an Oberth and when they run the server flip the Oberth after they commit to access to make them faceplant into the Junebug for ALL the damage. Its great.

3 May 2019 Dirjel

Yeah, Oberth -> Junebug is BRUTAL. I can also just drop a junebug into my score server to keep Oberth safe and save on ICE.

I'm doing fine on econ - between the hostiles and SSL, I don't every really hurt for money.

6 Jan 2020 djkokakola

I think this is showing as not legal because you've pulled archived from core set, rather than system core 2019