Irate Geist (1st Common Room SC)


Pretty standard and based on dodgepong's list. I was actually going to play the Siege Engine version but changed at the last moment. I wanted more protection against Breaking News and PU decks so I needed to slot On the Lam. Account Siphon synergies well with this card in your non-kill match-ups so it isn't a waste of three slots. This turned out to be fairly clutch as I faced five kill decks on the day, winning four.

The Salsette Slums was slotted to deal with asset spam and FIHP.



8 Jan 2017 dawspawn

Do you think having any R&D multiaccess would have helped? Or were you mostly OK hitting HQ and the top of R&D for agendas?

9 Jan 2017 ZQQLANDER

Great question. I think it's really your personally preference and meta dependent.

I loved using Spy Cams to peek at R&D, but decided against it this time around because it takes up too many deck slots. Some Geist lists now are running Medium which I'm not a huge fan of because I wanted to slot Slums and a Critic.

I felt very comfortable setting up a remote lock and then hitting HQ with a meaty Legwork.

9 Jan 2017 midashand

Man, On the Lam saved you so many times in our game in the first round. Definitely a very good tech call. You deserved the #1 spot. Grats again. :D