Salems CTM - 3rd at America Continentals

tf34 1380

A few notes:

  • Salem's Hospitality - It's like Malia but for Apocalypse/Labor Rights.

It's often fairly obvious when the runner is trying to set up Apocalypse so timing Salems isn't too challenging. Even if you whiff, seeing the runners hand can matter a lot.

  • Self-Growth Program - Counters criminals hoarding credits on Pennyshaver to avoid Market Forces. Can be game ending vs Hivemind Maxx. Also can pair nicely with Salem's Hospitality in certain circumstances.

  • Ice Suite - I went with Magnets because A) Jeeves alliance and B) low ice decks need to be resilient to Botulus. Endless Eula was similarly selected to be resilient to Botulus, though I'm thinking the meta has shifted away from Hivemind Maxx enough that it may be correct to go back to Tollbooth.

Deck does fairly well in general. 419 is favored if they get a phenomenal start, but otherwise I like Ctm's chances. Hivemind Maxx is a good matchup. And although Janktivist slaughtered me in the losers final, it generally does well versus Apocalypse decks.

Thank you to Nisei for hosting a great event, and congrats to Jonas on your victory.

30 Aug 2021 InsetoVermelho


30 Aug 2021 thebigunit3000

Salem's was really cool innovation -- congrats!