Takeshi's Castle - Connection variant

rojazu 1339

So at Brighton we had zero CTM out of a field of 20. These changes are what i intend to test if we go into a Blue Sun / Jinteki Kill meta. Out goes the wheel and casts, in comes film critic, kati and a hostage to find them. John mas is also super useful in the red matchups and can be tutored for.

18 Dec 2016 bubbathegoat

You killed CtM. You Monster.

20 Dec 2016 GoHawks

Does On the Lam deserve a spot, it does prevent all types of damage. Or is it too situationally useful?

20 Dec 2016 rojazu

i have written at length on the original deck posting about my thoughts of on the lam and my conclusion is it doesnt solve problems the deck has and its existence will reduce some of those strategies anyway. If we are moving into a jinteki kill meta feedback filter/net shield are better includes