Dodgeball Skorpios - 7-0 at UK Nationals

laneford 211


If you can dodge a Hunter Seeker, you can dodge a Hard Hitting News!

This is the rush Skorp deck that - undefeated all day - carried me to the lofty heights of... not quite the top 32. (I may have won only a single runner game over the whole tournament)

The basic principle is to rush as quickly as you can rather than looking to achieve any sort of lock out game state, using the twin threats of hunter seeker and hard hitting news to force the runner to slow down their own plan and stop them interacting with yours. In a majority Anarch meta, this normally means they need to find duplicate breakers and a robust economy to avoid being punished, and the ID alone means CV/Zero decks can't really get the self-damage train rolling until they can find titanium ribs first, else risk losing Levy or breakers.

It beat MaxX (twice), Gnat (twice) Val, Freedom, and Geist. Five wins were through scoring out and two from flatline.

I have no idea if Skorp is even viable after the new MWL, but it was great to go out with a bang if this is the indeed, the end of the deck. Every round I played at nats was fun and played in great spirit, with all my opponents being brilliant skillful and lovely people.

UK netrunner you are really the best, cheers for all the memories.

27 Aug 2018 emilyspine

well done Lane! amazing performance

27 Aug 2018 paulyg

I love this list so much. Looks great fun!

27 Aug 2018 knails

Sweet undefeated streak Lane, Congrats

27 Aug 2018 shanodin

Nice one dude! Looks real rough, not sure how I'd have beaten it with Maxx.

27 Aug 2018 laneford

Awww you guys

28 Aug 2018 Cliquil

I am so pleased you got to prove how awesome you are.