DBS NEH - store champ 1st @ critical hit, cleveland, oh

bblum 4249

Nothing new to see here. Undefeated all day. Matchups against supplier andy, maxx eater-keyhole-siphon, maxx eater-keyhole-PPVP-lucky (and again in elims), gabe, calimsha kate with imp, and (in elims only) maxx morningstar-torch-femme.

23 Feb 2015 Crunchums

Makes me happy to see that Shipment from SanSan; I hope it worked well for you. Though I still don't understand where you find the credits to support the more expensive Code Gates : P

23 Feb 2015 bblum

The SFSS itself let me rez my enigmas a lot of the time! I know you and Calim both are all about quandary over enigma, but I found it to be an all-star all day long. I must have taken away 8 or so runner clicks with it in total.

I will admit that I put the tollbooth on the bottom every time I saw it with DBS yesterday, but I've seen games on OCTGN where it wins single-handedly, so I still think it's right.

I liked SFSS. There were several games where I'd have had to wait an extra turn for biotic/sansan if I didn't have it. I think playing a 2nd copy over the tollbooth is fine, although 1-and-1 suits me better. SFSS is especially critical against maxx, when you need to save 2 credits for rezzing wraparound on the same turn.

23 Feb 2015 falseidol

I think, especially in contrast with Tollbooth, SfSS reprents the difference in the power dynamic with the runner. SfSS means that the runner can't simply overtax you to keep you from scoring, since you can score agendas from 0 with Astro or a rezzed SanSan.

Tollbooth, on the other hand, is about forcing the runner to pay an arm and a leg to get past it. I see SfSS as a very aggressive economy card, that is better then closer you run to an empty bank account, while Tollbooth represents a more control type card.

28 Feb 2015 Calimsha

Yeah, my version play more econ (2 Marked Account) and 2 tollbooth. But I tend to score a little bit slower than a lot of NEH. The way I play NEH is more like a "semi-glacier" deck who try to rush in remote early on then tax the runner until I can finish the game.