Minnesotan Gulag 18th at Worlds 9-0

aunthemod 864


Runners sleep on Argus but Argus Never Sleeps.

Do you like to jam things? Jam all the things!

"I care not for strange references to soviet culture." - Code Marvelous

Here is the inception of gulag, there's some tips on how to play the deck in the comments -> http://www.netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/51404/liberal-gulag-5-1-1st-place-at-rochester-regional-

The new toy is Armed Intimidation. IAA, next turn if they have 3 or less cards in hand and you have an HPT that's game. Seems wild but it won me a game where I had no other outs.

-Steel City Grid-

10 Sep 2018 icecoldjazz

Love this deck! Congrats on your finish!

11 Sep 2018 Radiant

How did you deal with Misdirection - just rush out seven points, or did you just not run into Shapers? Did the Prisec do that much work or would you cut it for a Best Defense?

11 Sep 2018 aunthemod

Misdirection and No One Home don't really do anything if the runner has 0 credits. That's what the reversed accounts are for. Prisec can potentially induce a run and if you prioritize your remote over your centrals 1 run can be more taxing than the amount of money misdirection can save you etc etc. I played several shapers including the later rounds. They seem rich but you'd be surprised how poor they can be if you induce enough runs, you gotta JAM ALL THE TIME- ALL THE JAMMING. Drawing Reversed Accounts helps a lot. ALWAYS go for Atlas token(s). Atlas Tokens are how you simultaneously threaten to kill (econ war/hhn/hpt) while also ending the game sooner (Audacity/Hostile). I won 2 games where the runner installed misdirection and 2 when the runner installed No One Home. If they get rich enough to use those cards effectively you haven't induced enough runs, more jamming! Honestly the most problematic runner card was d4, THAT saves the runner WAY more money. Most games ended with 0-2 ice on centrals. Also Prisec is a great way to add tax to the remote without paying that nasty ice install cost. Best Defense and Preemptive Action are good cards but not compared to a taxing remote with lots of things to jam.

11 Sep 2018 aunthemod

Oh yeah another big thing is that if you've already scored 2 points, look for an opening to go for the 3 turn triple atlas token play (turn 1 install, turn 2 triple advance, turn 3 triple advance), Reversed Accounts and Value Econs Wars can create these windows. if it works you will almost certainly win. Just grab a Hostile, and then next turn an Atlas and Audacity. Also remember that even if your remote is penetrable, it should be taxing enough that after losing an agenda you can still econ warfare hhn without spending much.

11 Sep 2018 aunthemod

The worst thing that can happen to this deck is the runner figuring out you don't have Econ-Warfare->HHN and then getting very aggressive on centrals. So I usually mulligan for those cards. HHN for reckless runners, cuz its all you need, Econ warfare for careful runners, because they'll never allow a successful HHN without an Econ warfare/reversed accounts to support it

12 Sep 2018 swan

Cutting GFI was not the expected path to 9-0. Had I kept on Argus (which i absolutely should have) I would have stayed with low density

13 Sep 2018 aunthemod

Armed Intimidation is pretty good, not only can it win games outright, but scoring it is a pretty large tempo hit to the runner, which is exactly what this deck wants to be doing.

17 Sep 2018 ocelot2_0

This site says that this deck is not tournament legal, can someone explain why?

18 Sep 2018 FreqKing

It's legal, likely some cards are from the original core set rather than core 2.0. Looks that way for Hedge Fund for example