Supermodernism v2

Alsciende 1405

By Martin Presley, Plugged In tournament winner. Read more here.

3 Nov 2013 ttsgosadow

Really nice deck. Plays smooth!

7 Nov 2013 falseidol

I would run Action Jackson over anonymous tip in most cases as Weyland. Anonymous tip really only outshines Jackson in the first couple turns, but especially when you're running snare, being able to recur those is so vicious. He also let's you use SEA source and/or scorched earth a bit more liberally if there's a nice opening, even if it's not for the kill. It's is great for popping forcing them to ding down their plascrete and just being able to use those cards rather than discarding them is pretty rad, since weyland can get get tripped up if their whole hand is just cards you're hoping to use for a SEA+Source^2

18 Nov 2013 HepatitvsJ

-2 anonymous tip, -3 enigma,-3 green level clearance, -2 chimera, -1 grim. +2 jackson howard, +3 swordsman, +3 datapike, +3 restructure. I ran this Saturday (with above modifications) at a local tourney and came in 6/20. I think i would have come in higher if i had kept my original decklist for Kate instead of going for a freelance coding contract economy, too many useless cards but the deck did well anyway. I haven't played in 8+ weeks and the first two games were getting a feel for the deck but the last three were blowouts. Including a god draw hedge fund, restructure, SE, SE, sea source. I drew a bastion put it on R&D, hedge fund and restructure finished the turn. She did some stuff and ran HQ. Turn two I Sea Sourced and SE, SE. Five minute kill. If you like direct damage (I don't. I only played this because I needed a simple deck with great economy to buffer my mistakes, of which there were many) this deck is for you. I may suggest dropping both sea source for a single midseasons and utilize a counter from project atlas to get it if necessary. I would add another ICE to replace the second sea source. Thanks for the build and program Alsciende! (Alsciende coded this right? If not, I thank whomever did.)

21 Nov 2013 Alsciende

Hey I built the site, but not the deck ^^ Credits to Martin Presley.

4 Jan 2014 BazooKaJoe

A very good deck. Been playing with something very similar & trying to see what I could plug in since Mala Tempora came out. Don't want to slow it down though since that is it's main strength.