Assassin on the moon (3-1 @GNK) First after Swiss


Rush out fast Use blue Sun to return from low credits

Contract killer to fix Aesop & ProCo

Brainstorm -> most fun card in game + enables kill with contract killer (edge case)

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4 Feb 2019 Okkdoko

I took a brain damage trying to comprehend what this deck's game plan is. Good job!

4 Feb 2019 FREDPI

@Okkdoko Game plan:

  • Make sure you alert them to the fact that you have 9 credits and that brainstorming is a legal card.
  • Stop rude stimhacks with single rez from MoGo
  • For each resource they install, ask if it is a job resource (confusion guaranteed)
  • Score out fast by using their confusion over your cards.
4 Feb 2019 Algebraic

Someone in my President of Servers team won on turn 2 after the Runner facechecked a Brainstorm in Titan turn 1 then died next turn to an Audacity on Contract Killer play. It was the perfect game.

4 Feb 2019 ayyyliens

Don't forget to install your tech startups and do absolutley nothign with them. Occasionally put an ICE in front of them.

4 Feb 2019 FREDPI

``@Algebraic` brainstorm is a card that is the start of many great stories

@ayyyliens Well you never know when they have an use. Also confused.

5 Feb 2019 Cluster Fox

Wow, very different from the Blue Sun I played on the day! Congrats :)

5 Feb 2019 theoneakaneo

funny & nice

7 Feb 2019 rotage

Any deck with Brainstorm gets my vote :)

@AlgebraicI can probably take a guess at who that player was in your team, as they got me with Brainstorm in Titan before :)