5-0 Ampere

superheronation 283

"That's a nice hand you've got there. Let's splice some ⋆⋆⋆⋆ into it." - Ampere

We have a LOT of generically excellent value cards. And a couple of cards that are jokes in their homelands but ready to blow the doors off. Score Jumon, and win. An army of highly efficient ice hide Tyr and Saisen-tan. We're including Meridian for chaos and Nightmare Archives because it is like a good Meridian.

This deck is helluva fun. It's also 5-0 on Jinteki against mostly non-singleton runners with actual identity abilities. Our identity ability is to surprise and bewilder. Lean into it. If you can surprise an unsure runner into letting a double-advanced agenda stand, you have several tools like Seamless Launch and Audacity which can score out the Jumon the next turn. Jumon creates incredible value if scored and it is worth scoring at almost any cost up to and including nuking a loaded HQ with Audacity.

Project Vitruvius is usually a blank 3/2, but Ampere is desperately low on recursion. It might be worth investing into an extra Vitruvius token for recurring Stock Buy-Back and secondarily Ganked or a prematurely trashed Spin Doctor.

Other cards considered

Perhaps Obokata or Blood In the Water over Longevity Serum. In early testing I feel extremely good about Jumon as the highest-priority target in the deck. Possibly swapping out Vitruvius for Ontological Dependence. We are bleak enough on economy and vulnerability to sabotage that Subliminal Messaging might help more than a chaos screen News Team. (We don't run tag punishment, the chaos screen IS the tag punishment).

22 May 2023 Baa Ram Wu

Just played against this and it was a blast. truely no freaking idea at any point what was gonna happen to me

22 May 2023 superheronation

Thanks, I had a great time too! At first I was worried that the near-total lack of recursion was going to be a problem, but now I'm just going with it

22 May 2023 superheronation

I previously thought that Ampere was in the junk tier, and certainly it has major issues, but it compares more favorably to other corps than Apex does to other runners. At the very least when I'm playing against traditional runner identities, it feels like the same game rather than showing up with like an under-15 squad against the national team.