Murder CI (1st Wiesbaden SC)

Lorac 82

Not much to say about. Thanks to @Rotage for sharing this Deck. All the credit is due to him.

It went 5-0 on the Day. 3 Kills (Hayley, Valencia, Maxx) and 2 score outs (Maxx and Maxx).

In the two games, I scored out, Loki and Mogo did a great job, creating a well-secured Server.

Maybe next time I would cut the Vanilla for another cheap barrier because it is too weak against the turtle.

@MrBuggles also played this kind of Deck at the Store championship and it did perform great for him too.

(Published here for ABR)

30 Jan 2018 rotage

Congrats on the result, yeah I have swapped out a vanilla for a Wall of Static to provide additional options