Run Them Hard 4-0 GNK Start up

Cucin 190

I have won all of my 4 matches with this deck in our small GNK tournament in start up format. I don´t think it´s powerfull deck, because on jnet I don´t have such impressive statistic but there must be something good in core of this deck because I didn´t have lost any of my matches during tournament. The deck is supposed to be played pretty straightforward. There is no gearcheck so if you loose one of your breaker you are in big trouble. But Inside job or Boomerang can really help to solve that problem at least for some last run. With 2 Mutual favor you find your breakers quickly and until then Inside job or Boomerang bring you potential to break any server from start of the game. You have also relatively good amount of money and Career fair is very handy to instal them. Leech and Ice carver are nice tools for breaking strong ice. Multiacces there is not much but 3 Jailbreak and 2 Docklands Pass are almost enough. Maybe the most questionable is console. I prefer Swift over Pennyshaver cause I think that Swift is slightly better against quick corps. Just use it with your many run events and use wisely your next click. I also prefer gordian blade over Unity cause Unity is according to me slightly worse especially at start of the game when you have on the table just that one icebreaker. This deck is supposed to be played aggresively from start of the game. Anyway thanks to all my colleagues for playing. The best moment was not my second place in tournament but enjoying the game face to face. Thanks all for coming and having fun from our best table game.See you next time mates.