CTM (SC 1st place, Phoenix games, 3-0 vs Aaron decks :D )

grogboxer 406

Pretty standard CTM deck, based largely on: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/40370/-panic-ctm-1st-place-leisure-games-sc

I brought it expecting a lot of Dumble, which I faced twice. I had tried Midseasons versions online and could never get into a money lead unless I swapped out ICE for more assets. Or, I was getting a money lead against decks I'd have already beaten so Midseasons didn't actually matter. My solution against Aaron was to rush as early as possible and then pressure them to run when low for HHN. I also twice did the cheeky Breaking News, they use Aaron counters, Sweeps Week for net 6 play.

The Sub Boost was great all day, I included it so that otherwise dead ICE gets turned back on (Data Raven, Macrophage in non-virus matchups). I twice Sub Boosted IP Block so they couldn't just pay the trace. IP Block is quite good against Dumble, and in the cut I mostly was rushing behind two IP Blocks with the inner one Sub Boosted. I Sub Boosted Macrophage once.

Lost to Dyper but I forgot how to use Jackson, and that deck is silly anyway :D Won or timed won the other games. Played Leela, Dumble, Dyper, Smoke, Dumble, Geist. Leela, Smoke, and Geist all played Aaron pretty early.

In hindsight I will likely remove Cobra for Turnpike or News Hound. It did nothing all day, whereas Data Raven at least ends the run early game.

And if you're wondering about the solution for Power Tap Andy, it's to concede. I just banked on people not playing Power Tap decks.