1st Place Gent SC: Valtwins

ryanbantwins 2269

Good faction, good ID, good cards: the deck is that simple.

I still choose Employee strike for my resticted card, because it's amazing in some matchups (MTI for example). You don't need paperclip, and crowdfunding is too much influence for my taste. I'm just sad that Dorm computer is on the restricted list now.

Deuces Wild is good tempo and an amazing tool to clear tags (see Argus). I'm not gonna repeat why Falsified is so good imo, just read my previous write-ups.

Special order is new, and helps you against some early gear checks. Especially to find Corroder early, because Inject won't find it for ya.

Credits for the deckname goes to Slowriffs

24 Feb 2019 ayyyliens

Embrace the Valtwins