Stove-Tied 1st Good Games Chicago Store Champs

tstack 936

Do you want a super fun criminal deck to play that is still pretty solid? Do you like dripping silly amounts of credits? How about having 5 inside jobs in your deck? Do you like calling people named Steve Stove? Then try Stove! It's a Steve deck.

This is just a basic, get money, get breakers, use some annoying criminal tricks to cheat your way into servers before you really should be able to deck. You have lots of Aesop's fodder that you can install, sell, and then recur with Steve. It makes you pretty rich. There are a few tech slots to change to your local meta: Dorm computer, info sifting, on the lam, 3rd bank job, caldera. Drug dealer is also pretty great in this setup, Just remember you can sell the dealer before you have to pay him sometimes. You have enough drip that the drug dealer drawback is limited.

This deck went 4-1 in the store champ, beating 2 Spiky glacier Jinteki builds, IG prison, and Jemison FA,. while losing to TeamTurtles NEH. Overall, its a super fun deck that is one of the most fun post rotation crim builds I've tried.

7 Jan 2018 nutritionalzero


7 Jan 2018 PureFlight

Yeeaaahh Aesop's Steve! Nicely done!

8 Jan 2018 Benjen

This is great. I will definitely build it for my meetup this week. Congrats!

9 Jan 2018 rubyvr00m

Great deck! I didn't make it to the tournament but I'm glad to see you won it with some good-ole fashioned Chicago innovation.

I wonder about only having 1 fractor considering Skorpios is a thing. I tested a bit on Jnet with cutting the Na'Not'K for Inti and cutting the Earthrise for Femme Fetale. Not sure that it's actually better, but I feel safer having 2x of each breaker type.

9 Jan 2018 tstack

For sure, you can adjust the breaker suite and draw however you like, I just didnt expect to hit any skorp, and the MU I was afraid of losing paperclip to was jinteki, which aumakua does pretty well with. Honestly, the "deck" is really just the Steve draw/Aesop's engine, everything else can be switched around to whatever you want.

26 Jan 2018 Tomasaki

I brought this deck to my SC in Boise, and if I remember correctly, I didn't lose a single game as Runner. I finished 3rd overall, but that was definitely caused by the Corp (I chose Multi-Headed Hydra AgInfusion). I'm very down to try this deck again at a future SC, preferably paired with a different corp. It's a great deck, classic good stuff Criminal.

26 Jan 2018 Tomasaki

Forgot to mention, too, that I faced two Skorpios on the day, and still came out fine! Took a little bit of luck, but, just knowing how to aggro early, and then bait them to Hunter-Seeker your replaceable breakers, combined with a well-timed Inside Job, ought to do the trick!

30 Apr 2018 Cannister

Hey - have any recommendations on how to play this new that Tapwrm is restricted?

30 Apr 2018 tstack

@CannisterId probably slot corporate grant instead of the tapwrms. In my experience tapwrm was mostly a tempo card in this list and corporate grant can do something similar while also cutting out a weakness of the list-Scarcity.