A cold war

kikar 3

The goal of this deck is, in general, to take advantage of the Stavka Harfun combo to slow runners down, giving the corp time to win by scoring or assembling a kill combo. The biggest challenges of this deck are when the econ can be challenged (when runners trash regolith, etc) or when a runner gets out an efficient enough breaker suite to be able to address all the ice in the deck.

Some general notes:

(1) it's extremely important to get a 3 cost ice rezzed, as this is essential for the Stavka Harfun threat

(2) Spin Doctor's most important function is shuffling back drago or harfun so they can be tutored with Obs ability

(3) The general ob options are:

envelopement -> hortum (stavka is rarely a good pull here)-> enigma/maskirovska (sometimes the grid is the right choice here) -> Harfun**, Regolith -> ice wall/malapert -> spin/drago/excavator