Lunatic Mti V1.12 - 3 x Top 8 Regional Finishes

rotage 2916

This is the latest in the Lunatic brand of decks but now in Mti instead of CI. Variations of this deck have made 3 UK regional cuts this year finishing 5th, 3rd and 3rd. It has had a positive win rate in every event so far going 19-8 across 6 regionals

So the deck plays out like a rushy/glacier Mti deck, using the fear of Mti to allow you rush out behind a single piece (never no ice due to strike) with spiky ice to punish the runners

Agendas - Thanks to extrac for suggesting this agenda suite at the pub, ideally you want to score the Nisei but providing I have econ I will attempt to score any agenda I draw. Ideally you want to score 2 nisei early and then finish on an Obokata but life isn't that kind usually

Assets - Rashida and NGO these make money and bait runs, not much else to say really

Batty - Is either to EtR the run on a expensive remote, flatline with Batty, after encounter and once its gained its subs you can fire batty to do 1 brain and then the remaining subs fire, or to fire on Excalibur and then use a Nisei token

Helheim Servers - Mostly used to ensure Batty fires but can be used on other ice for tax purposes or to ensure runner can't get in

Punitive Counterstrike - Used to kill runners, is there after they steal an Obokata, but I am finding a lot of runners ending the turn on 0 or 1 cards and I am flatlineing them after they steal a Nisei

Ice - Special shout outs to Himistu-Bako (great against apoc decks), Brainstorm (it can just win games) and Excalibur just nice to have another out

Changes - I have tried using Blacklist instead of/a mix of with Helheim servers not got it right yet but might be worth exploring

Any questions let me know

10 Aug 2018 Radiea

Sweet list.

"Helheim Servers - Mostly used to ensure Batty fires"


10 Aug 2018 HiggsBozo


I think they mean that Hellheim (sometimes) lets you get the Brainstorm / Batty kill even against runners who have access to a sentry breaker.

10 Aug 2018 rotage

@Radieathanks, apologies meant to say Brainstorm fires

10 Aug 2018 Vortilion

@HiggsBozo I think they mean that Hellheim (sometimes) lets you get the Brainstorm / Batty kill even against runners who have access to a sentry breaker.

I don't understand, what does Helheim has to do with a Brainstorm Batty kill? It jsut increases an ice strength, Or do you mean that it just increases Brainstorms strength to make it impossible for the runner to break its subs? Sorry, I'm quite new...

10 Aug 2018 rotage

Sorry I haven't been clear on how this works

I used Helheim to boost the strength of brainstorm to make it hard/impossible to break, at that point all its subs will fire, I can then use batty to ensure they actually flatline as sometimes they only have 2 or 3 cards in hand and its hard to justify 2-3 brain damage

10 Aug 2018 Vortilion

@rotage Hm, but you can use Helheim only once, or do you always put both in the same server?

11 Aug 2018 rotage

Hellheim can be used multiple times but once the runner accesses they will alwats trash it, so I treat it as a single use.

I'll usually install any hellheim or batty into the remote and start trying to score from the remote once I feel I'm ready.

I have have used hellheim on other ice too sometimes, either to to flatline with chiyashi or DNA tracker or to just end the run, it works on all ice on a server too, so you can just trash one card from your hand to get a single +2 boost, then do it again if they Jack and run again

17 Aug 2018 Vortilion

@rotage I See. I think it is even risky to install Helheim and Batty alone, usually the Runner will trash both before i can score....