BBQ MaxX(5th in Enschede(NL) regionals)

Wausser 49

Inspiration for this deck came from @Rvdh83 I first saw him use this combo in one of our monday night Netrunner sessions. I decided to find a setup using this combo in a way I like it.

This deck relies greatly on the use of Titanium Ribs in combination with Patchwork and Zer0 with CV.

The deck placed 5th in the Enschede regionals it went 3-1 in swiss, 1st game: loss against a Palana with a very quick agenda draws which I could not contest(having seen the ice in a corp first click Celebrity Gift). Second game was a timed win(that's what you get for playing with Corp(PU) first) against Tennin Institute. Third game was a win against Blue Sun and the fourth was a win vs a quick advance SSO in which I did not use CV at all, but used zero(with Titanium Ribs) and Patchwork quickly draw more cards and cheaply install Liberated Accounts and got a 6 credit Sure Gambles. Only to run through the scoring remote with a well placed Stimhack to score the winning Agenda.

The cards special cards in this deck:

Patchwork: I previously ran two Career Fair in my MaxX deck, but patchwork beats it anytime. Installing or playing cards at a minus 2 cost every turn is great, a 4 cost Liberated or gaining 6 credits when playing a Sure Gamble, while you are discarding your Paperclip during your turn. You can even use Same Old Thing to get Deep Data Mining for 1 credit. I often used Dirty Laundry, the Salsette and sometimes Hacktivist(against decks with very few assets and or Currents) as fodder if I had no bin breakers or unique already installed cards to trash.

Titanium Ribs: a great addition to this deck, make sure you have a CV or two installed, as the damage from Ribs also works on CV. I also felt more comfortable playing against Skorpios with Ribs installed(although I did not encounter Skorp during regionals).

Zero + CV: a kind of obvious include in the current meta, but with all the other tools in the deck you do not need per se, you can win games without CV.

Cards you could change:

Salsette Slums: works great against CtM, and we have some CtM fans in the local Enschede meta, so I include it in mine, but you could put something else in. Deep Data Mining: you could change it up with some other multi-access tool like Indexing, so you free up an influence point for an Aumakua or something else as backup for when you lose your bin breakers to Skorp or Ark Lockdown

Ice Carver: I prefer to use Ice Carver over Datasucker, so you do not have to worry about the virus counters and Datasucker would get trashed with an Inject. You can negate the difference in costs with a Patchwork install.

Stickhack: I used SoT twice to get a succesful steal with Stimhack, while stealing the winning agenda one of the two times, after discarding it to use Patchwork. A DDos might be a suitable in faction replacement for Stimhack