[Startup] Ghost got your tounge?

Baa Ram Wu 1041

Bored of installing a virus a turn and running archives turn 11 to hopefully win or basically concede cause you have nothing else to do?

Well then - here's a fun super interactive Esa list that has had at least a couple of test games and feels like a pretty good time!

This is essentially my attempt at leaning HARD into Ghosttounge. 33 event - of which only 3 cost 0 - That's 30 potential credits saved - make that 40 if we recur 5 events with each Harmony - that's a decently high ceiling for a 2 cost install.

Mulligan for a Ghosttounge and go!

You have to lean into the true anarch mentality to get this deck to sing - your cards do not matter right now - you have ample recursion to get back anything you need and most of your programmes are better off in the bin anyway. Retrive a Femme onto HQ so you can hit your Chastuska's or Tread lightly into the ice and remove it with en passant.

Put on enough pressure and eventually the corp will realise that they really need to start scoring out or they are gonna be out of cards.

Don't let a Spin Dr sit out more than a turn and if the corp has subliminal make sure you make a run every turn as it pretty much turns off your ability if the corp is clever with it.

No resources so you can potentially float a tag or 2... although watch out for corps retributing your Marrow!

9 Aug 2022 nbkelly


9 Aug 2022 theoneakaneo

a fun, interesting & interactive build

22 Aug 2022 koniu

This reminds me of an Oracle May Chaos Theory deck I used to play. That one drew cards with Oracle May and just clicking for cards really killed the tempo. What's the plan for drawing all these events here?

22 Aug 2022 Baa Ram Wu

@koniu - ah I do miss oracle May! She was a fun deckbuilding option.

So early on you will be clicking to draw a fair amount - but you’d be surprised by how much you draw with your ability, and running hot into drawing a bunch of cards usually feels absolutely fine as a tempo turn.