Very Surprised Captain 8th at American Continentals 2022

Jose-san 176

Very surprisingly to me, this deck carried me through day 1 (5-1) losing only to Cahuita's Sportsmetal in a game in which she scored 5 agendas in 6 turns and I didn't have any answer to it. And 0-1 in the top against her again.

The previous weeks I was testing this on jinteki with only a 30% winrate, losing against every single deck which showed a Drago. I was sick of it. So I was very happy (and surprised) when I saw only six R+ decks in field of 65 players. Then I played against three of those and won the three games. I was bewildered. Missdirection, Rezeki and Multithreader carried me through these games, soaking tags until the corp ran out of fuel.

Then I found myself missing a clot against Sportsmetal.

I'm a fan of shaper shenanigans and I remember getting to a Regional finals using Study Guide and Multithreaders so Hyperbaric was an instant favorite for me. You can charge The Twinning during the opponent's turn using Multithreader to charge Hyperbaric. Charming.

I'm pretty sure you could just change Padma for Lat and the deck would work better. Then again, you could just play Sokka's Lat which is far more consistent than this xD

29 Aug 2022 MrBuggles

Just FYI - Cahuita is "she" not "he" :)

29 Aug 2022 Jose-san

Thank you, I corrected the text.

29 Aug 2022 vesper

Congratulations on an amazing performance in a very interesting field!

29 Aug 2022 Cpt_nice

Respecting the Drago with 2 Pinholes, you love to see it

30 Aug 2022 Jose-san

The week before I was having nightmares about it xD