Smoke 'em if you got 'em

Trewaters 25

How to play this deck:

Run as much as possible, especially when your full icebreaker suite is in. The Brain Chip is for mid game. Beth KC or Net Mercer need to be play ASAP. Set up Kyuban on passable ice for economy and pressure.

Cost of complete Rig?

hardware (cost 9 cred + 2 meat damage), programs (cost 14 cred), resources (cost 15 cred)

MU of all programs (10 MU)

Income per turn?

3 cred from Data Folding, 3 cred from Cyberdelia + Kyuban, 3 creds from stealth cards

Cards Removed:


Thoughts about what I would change to make this competitive:

I would cut Cyberdelia 1st because of data folding.