80V 80V (1st place Fremont, CA Store Championship)

westonodom 1106

We're back again, y'all. I won another SC with Palana (along with my runner list, Peaceful Pirate), going undefeated this time (4-0, wins against Sunny, Geist, Smoke, and MaxX). Most of this deck is the same as it was the first time - you're still mostly just installing things and advancing them. Noteable changes frmo last time include:

-2 Gene Splicer

These slots are what I begrudgingly ended up cutting for tech cards. I've played some mix of 1-2 Voter Intimidation, 3rd Scarcity, and 17th ice in this slot. Today it was Scarcity and ice.

-2 Ben Musashi, +2 Code Replicator

Ben is great for the crunch Obokata plays, but otherwise Code Replicator is just a more generally useful card. It's great with Komainu, Data Loop, and Kakugo and even outside of that it usually worth rezzing.

-1 Preemptive Action, +1 Distract the Masses

This one was simple. Distract the Masses actually helps flood when you need it to, not after you spend a turn holding your breath hoping the runner doesn't run archives.

-1 Lateral Growth

This card was great, but ended up essentially becoming the 2nd Pop-up Window.

-2 DNA Tracker, +2 Anansi

There are pros and cons to any combination of these two and I'm honestly not really sure what's correct here, but I've really been enjoying Anansi over DNA Tracker. It probably comes down to which runners you expect to see (and also obviously what other ice you're running).

-1 Crick, -1 Miraaju, +2 Enigma

It seemed like Crick would be great in this deck, but it almost never mattered. It's also a miserable draw when you just need an ETR to rush a Nisei MK II behind. The second Miraaju was tough to drop initially, but I knew I wanted more ice that I could play on my remote, and Enigma fit that slot perfectly. It's great early, you can rush behind it, it adds a breaker type as a 2nd ice on centrals. It's great. Don't leave home without it.

-1 Cobra, +1 Rototurret

These two are pretty similar, but Rototurret ends the run. This plays into the Nisei Rush and also makes your Batty a little better (outside of the occasional net damage kill).

26 Mar 2018 Veste

Love this deck, I've been playing something very similar and your changes are great - I was playing something similar to your original. Thanks for the update!

26 Mar 2018 westonodom

@Veste thanks a lot, I'm really glad you're enjoying it =D

4 Apr 2018 CondorFQ

I just started playing Netrunner a few days ago. This was the first corp deck I happened to click on, and I built it on Jinteki and got some wins right off the bat. Can't speak to overall quality but I love this deck, thank you for sharing!

4 Apr 2018 westonodom

Aww, thanks @CondorFQ! I'm super happy you had a good time with it :)