Shaper is OP (4th at America's Continental)

SimonMoon 2343

I, notoriously bad shaper player who has a dum dum Anarch brain piloted this deck to 4th at NA continentals. I got there without playing the factions strongest card (Rezeki) demonstrating how absurdly powerful the faction is. Needs at least 2 bans to keep it in check (Memchip + Rezeki)

More seriously, I went 5-2 with this losing to Blue Sun round 1 when I blundered into a double Punitive for no reason and a very tight game in the cut against a very well teched Gamenet. I think if I had practice that matchup more I probably would have won, but its close no matter what and I may just be blowing smoke.

Basically, this deck plays trying to setup ultra fast (3 Diesel / 3 Hyperdriver) and then slow down the game and get a billion credits. You either just remote lock if they over commit centrals or Apoc if they over commit the remote.

This deck is well positioned and not just a meme surprise Apoc deck. Against general decks you mostly play it as a Shaper deck that sets up quickly while preventing the opponent from pushing agendas to fast with Apoc. You get Clot and SMC so you get a great titan matchup. You're way ahead of a lot of Gamenets (both my later opponent and Rotom's list from last week are way down, though I was down to Greyfield's list which is admittedly the best one). ASA is closish because its so fast. You're baddish against Jinteki glacier, though you can outplay them a lot of the time.

Shoutout to Greg who made this list after I lost with his list to a gamenet, and shoutout to El-ad the original Apoc Shaper.

See Greg's list here:

4 Aug 2020 MelkorsFolly

I really like the list, is there a way to fit a better Fracter though? could you drop an apoc for paper clip? maybe slot in a harmony to recycle apoc? Gauss feels pretty bad.

Congrats on your performance!

5 Aug 2020 ReinaMorada

Oh gosh! My first thought seeing Apoc in Hayley was: "They're mad, they really have to be". Then, on a second thought, I got the interaction between Aesop and the lost breaker and cards and it's so brilliant that I instantly had to correct myself: "They're a genius!". I love it so much! Congrats on the result and thanx for sharing this beautiful list!

10 Aug 2020 vesper

The Kaplocalypse is real. What a collab :-) Congratulations!

4 Oct 2020 rattkin

So Aesop sells the facedown breaker to heap. I assume you install Simulchips after Apoc. You still need new programs as fuel for Simulchip, possibly 2-3. What is it at that stage?