Rashida on a Budget

Tamijo 141

Mostly just a port of Rashest Decisions, but I didn't have the pack (it turned up at home an hour after I set off for the tournament), but managed to borrow Rashidas.

R1 Vs Ben on Reina. A bunch of Ice that cost nothing to begin with in a deck with all the money in the world seems good against her ability, so that probably helped. Put some Ice in front of centrals, made a crap load of remotes. I did the thing.

R2 Vs Swiftie on Val. I don't remember this game. I was still slightly tilted out from the what happened in the Geist game so played badly. I missed Malia here, that's for sure.

R3 Vs Matt on 419/Nexus. There was only one way I was winning this game, and that's if he got off to an awful start and I could punish him for it. He took 5 clicks on two consecutive turns which I had to correct him on, and then kept adding credits from his Power Tap twice once he'd got it down. Everything got sorted out, and in the end I couldn't punish his slow start. This is the MU Malia and Amani Senai were made for.

R4 Vs Jack on Val. He got off to a little slow of a start, and couldn't find his breakers in time. He spent a lot of time digging and I think he could've cashed up and cleaned up some remotes to slow me down rather than dig, but then again every draw step was a potential BlOrch, and we only know after the game they were both in the bottom 8 cards or something.

R5 Vs Rich on Geist. His deck just fell over. He managed to get Tech Traders out in a reasonable fashion, but just couldn't assemble anything threatening whilst I just made loads of money and built a small remote. He was bankrupt for most of the game.

Nothing detailed, just a small write-up. I've been trying all sorts, but I might be moving back to this deck after trying them out, because they all suuuuuucked,