Almost Belvita 419

JuarezLM 1

I tested Belvita 419 on jnet and found it to be really solid. Swapped 1 Miss Bones for 1 No One Home as a meta call and went to a 7 person tournament in preparation for São Paulo Regionals on September 15th.

The deck is pretty solid indeed, as the York results show. I only miss some more draw, specially since I used to playing MaxX. Maybe it's just how Criminals work, but it felt very painful to always keep a 4 card hand for Obokatas in a Jinteki-heavy meta. Sometimes I lacked the discipline to do it, as you'll read below.

Round 1: Drew against RP. Sadly, we spent 65min in the first game. He scored one Nisei MkII, I stole another. And that was it, for the whole game. I felt in control, poked HQ and R&D several times and was pretty capable of contesting any card he installed in a scoring server, even with the Nisei token. I had a 20+ credit Kati Jones waiting for that moment, but he never installed an agenda. Time was called, draw.

Round 2: Lost to Palana. Ran HQ with 4 cards in hand imagining the upgrade was a Crisium, died to a Kakugo ->Prisec -> Snare! combo.

Round 3: Lost to Palana. We had seconds before time was called, I had a firm belief HQ was flooded. I had to spend my Inside Job to get in the server, bypassing an Anansi. HQ had 3 agendas, I accessed the Snare! and lost. ¯_(ツ)_/¯