Spooky Penguins (1st at Brighton SC)

Shmeguy 1589

Spooky HB ported to CI.

My take on post rotation Moons, this deck won the 24 player Dice Saloon store championship.

Not much to say here, does what old Moons used to do but a lot worse.

My 2 losses were to Mike Prosser, who found 2 film critics rapidly and to Chris Dyer in the cut, who started Mawing me from turn 2 and my draw was not good enough to recover.

27 Nov 2017 emilyspine

spooky ghostpenguinspooky ghost

27 Nov 2017 snek

thank you @emilyspine, For memeing up my bland description

27 Nov 2017 snek

i guess thats my nrdb smurf revealed

27 Nov 2017 emilyspine


28 Nov 2017 knails

I don't see any penguins. False Advertising!

29 Nov 2017 snek

@knailsci is penguins...

29 Nov 2017 SneakdoorMelb

@snek I thought Hasty Relocation was penguins due to looking like a penguin

30 Nov 2017 snek

@SnekdoorMelb Its wierd but CI is now penguins anyway. Trust me.

30 Nov 2017 cursor

CI is not Penguins. Hasty in Penguins. Dave, I am disappoint.