Panopticon R+ - 6th @ Nottingham CO

binarydogs 182

Yet another of the corp lists we looked at and tweaked as a group in the run up to Nottingham CO. This is a minor tuning to Jai's Telling Time list from APAC. Pretty much all of the changes included in this list, were already raised in the original write-up (namely the 2nd grid and switching to Beales), so I won't go into further discussion here.

This leaves us with the only other changes of note being -2 Drafter, +2 Starlit Knight because we really would like some more tagging options please, freeing up a tasty 4 influence but with no slots free. At this point we had arrived at the conclusion that all three copies of DBS weren't necessary, and we really needed another way to discourage the runner from trashing our SSCG's or Lady Liberty. So out went the 3rd copy of DBS, allowing us a tiny sprinkle of spice in the form of a single Overseer Matrix.

While the list performed admirably in at times, we still had our reservations over the gameplan and the apparent sheer reliance on scoring an early ARES.

As always massive thank you to the original list creator Jai for putting in all the actual hard work, and all the lovely Process folks for being such amazing company time and time again, and reminding me that actually playing Netrunner is just the icing on the cake during these trips.