Originality Is A Crutch (11th Place) [SOCR2]

neuropantser 525

very original idea

Nothing in this deck is interesting. The only card that is spicy in the least is Miraju, and it's nothing to write home about. Bioroid Work Crew is a real workhorse--I probably scored 60%+ of my points from hand despite this deck only running 3 3/2s. Sandburg is mostly a ruse--I played aggressively enough to run about as poor as standard Moons does, and I recommend that you do so too.

I won't put a detailed tournament report. Games where you open with a Moon, an ETR ICE, and a campaign are almost always wins. Games where you get flooded are often losses. Games in between generally favor you because these cards are nuts at 0 influence. This deck went 4-2 in the swiss, losing two close games to crim before cruising against everything. Steve is probably the hardest matchup--his ability to recur Inside Job punishes the deck's low ICE total, and his bypass breakers laugh at Sandburg. If you play against this deck, always trash the Work Crew.

This deck ended up 3-2, and I ended up 7-3, 11th after breakers. Assets are dumb in this format and I'm fairly convinced that some permutation of this deck is the strongest thing around until rotation. Just don't draw the cards in the wrong order.