Clones? Where we're going we don't need Clones.

Cliquil 1163

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What if Weyland... but Haas Bioroid? What if guns... but robots? What if jank...but not janky?

Some of the thoughts i had. Mostly I wanted to play Custom Biotics one more time before it rotated and relive the glorious feeling of fitting lots of influence into one deck, being amazed you can have so many out of faction cards in HB yet still have great HB cards before going along to a tournament and realising there's a reason that you keep putting it back in the box.

This wasn't really my style of deck and I was kinda bored when I was winning or losing - my enjoyment of Netrunner leaning heavily on the high quality of opponent I was lucky enough to have on the day, entertainment wise. Publishing because Nisei likes us publishing stuff though - and cause ABR wants

R1 - vs. Lane. Wonderful to play against Lane again. He was on Freedom and I think I won by building a big remote but without a Jinja. He seemed to struggle to have ways in and eventually I won using 2 Border Controls to stop him getting a last SSL

R2 vs Ed. Turns out this deck is very bad if your opponent has switchblade and Film Critic. I think I conceded turn 7 once they had both hit the table.

R3 vs. Catherine. Owing to the fact this ID doesn't gain 1 credit a turn, or 2 credits when an agenda is scored or stolen, nor give install efficiency, or anything except a feeling of smugness Cathering very expertly took my gameplay apart Criminal style.

R4 vs Swiftie Similarly Swiftie was able to use the rudeness of 419 and Corporate Grant to make me super sad that I wasn't richer. Ultimately the game ticked out as I tried to work out if there was any way to Punitive through a Citadel or two. There wasn't

R5 vs Ian Ian provided the correct analysis for this game when he correctly realised that when he rebirthed from Maxx into Omar before he'd dug through 20 cards or so he massively slowed his deck down. It enabled me to race my way to points at a speed that made him run somewhat wildly and I Punitived for the win.

Would not play this deck again, but my opponents were great.

To Custom Biotics I now feel ready to say...

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1 Aug 2019 manveruppd

Nice GIF game! :) Surprised to see Blue level instead of VLC, did you forget it's unrestricted now?