White Collar Crime - 17th, 4-2 @ American Continentals

Radiant 283

Wins against Titan, 2 Sportsmetal, and Mirrormorph, with 1 ID. Losses against CtM and GameNET. This deck is too run-based to do well against GameNET glacier, and not finding either of my 2 Miss Bones against CtM hurt quite a bit. The passive money, filtering, and R&D "pressure" of SecTesting+Paragon+FTT is very good if there is even one cheap or open server. I do wish I could find space for the 2nd Rezeki that I cut to fit in Labor Rights, because recurring 3 DoFs has won me quite a few games.

You can see the match against Sportsmetal here, and against Mirrormorph here.

I just barely missed the top 16 cut due to strength of schedule which is sad, but I had a great time - thank you to NISEI for keeping this game alive!