Hate Hayley (12th @DomeCon)

Klopstock 640

I played this Hayley deck at DomeCon and finished 12th. This deck is more or less a copy of qvms Hate Hayley, replacing the Political Operative with a second Stimhack It went 4-2, losing against mirilus Sportsmetal, where I just got thoroughly outrushed and against Garodans Sportsmetal which was a very close where I stole 6 points very early on off R&D but then couldn't find any more Agendas. It beat G4rr3ts Argus, also percomis, lostgeek and qvm who were all on Mti. It's a good deck (especially if Mti draws Agendas in the wrong order and starts scoring Philotic Entanglement and Future Perfect first).