No need for unicorns (12th at Euregio Storechamp in Essen)

PuMeGo 224

Euregio was such a great event! 41 players enjoyed the best game ever!

I played 3-4 with this beautifull deck at Euregio IX against:

Argus (timed win)

2xTitan Rush (1 win, 1 close loss)

Blue sun (just score and win ;) )

Prison RP (died heroically after 40 minutes of at least 2 net damages per round)

Palana (shamefully died running in 2nd turn and faced unexpected snare!)

and NEH (again: very close at matchpoints)

This deck is very fast, very flexible and sooooo much fun =D


30 Apr 2019 Uruz

in a world with sds drones in it, seeing that 1x breaker suite makes me nervous.

30 Apr 2019 adquen

Every Apex deck with Endless Hunger in it deserves a like. Although I fail to see how you can install even one with just 5 MU and a thousand programs in the deck ...

1 May 2019 PuMeGo

@adquen the trick is to use Endless Hunger for early pressure and trash it later with chop bot or better with Spec Work to get money and draw out of it to make room for the longterm solution breakers ;)

@Uruz I didn't face any sds drones, but I thought about rigshooter before and didn't find a good solution, though. So I'm happy for ideas!

1 May 2019 Rahrhino

@PuMeGo You could include one Assimilator so you can reboot a trashed icebreaker back in face down then us Assimilator to turn it face up? A bit jank but it is inf-less recursion...

2 May 2019 Cluster Fox

Awesomesauce, Alex!

3 May 2019 OneEyedSamurai

Besides tutoring for Endless Hunger, what do you usually SMC for?

3 May 2019 PuMeGo

Endless hunger is meant for early pressure. Smc was used for e.g. Stimhack runs to tutor what ever the Corp installed to stop you. The spare endless hungers are just apex fodder. In late game you use only the "normal" breakers.

3 May 2019 Zerothmaxima

Only 2 reboot? Reboot is life!