Congress Kate - 1st/2nd Place Brighton BABW

leachrode 815

1st/2nd as in we didn't play out the final, not that both top decks were identical, corp deck here

I've played this at a couple of BABW tournaments since the MWL update and it's been running pretty well. Since the update dropped the meta has shifted quite drastically towards glacier and away from spam and ctm, plus added an amount of chaos that means I was expected some more niche decks in the swiss like potatoes and Weyland rush. All that pushed me towards silver bullet shaper with enough long term econ to land vamps and remote lock a foodcoats player late game (what can I say, I'm too much of a wuss to play without feedback filter, clot and polop at the moment).

Round one - Foodcoats: my econ got off to a super slow start this game with only 2 data folding running with less than ten cards in my stack so it was just a lot of clicking opus, fortunately legwork is still a crazy good card in that matchup and firing it twice got me 4 points a time because I could see my opponent hard drawing for a 3/2 to biotic, fortuitous start to the day.

Round two - Foodcoats: this was another very fortunate one, my opponent rushed an ABT with an ash and fired it, hit no ice and binned an agenda and had vamped himself on the ash trace giving me another abt from hq. With 4 points that early it was just a case of moneying up and waiting for a window with no Jackson to land indexing dash.

Round three - Johno on NEH turtlebacks: this was a matchup I was worried about, I ended up just letting the board go wild and trying to snipe cheeky points in remotes. Got to 4-6 with no hope of stopping johno fast advancing a 3/2 and blind mad dashed a remote, lucksacked an NAPD for the win. It was that sort of day.

Round four - Alex White on CI7: Alex is a great CI player (as well as an intimidating good, albeit very friendly player generally) and I didn't manage to get quite enough accesses fast enough to stop the combo. Landed a vamp turn one but couldn't close the door fast enough to stop the Clone Suffrage - VLC chain running wild.

Round five - Laurie Poulter on Palana: Laurie's another very good player who I've played a lot given that we share a meta and lost to a lot, but my deck was pretty teched for this matchup. Got off to a slightly slow economic start so I couldn't hit a vamp but got to 4-4 with a future perfect in the remote and had to take the desperation play and let a whole ichi fire to get a caprice game for the match. Always Bid 1.

4-1 in the swiss is a v solid result and I ended up 1st after swiss. The only match I played with Kate in the cut (we didn't play out the grand final) was against Alex again on CI and I got a much slower start than last time with no vamp. CI7 is probably still weaker against crim than hasty but it's definitely got more game against clot and sac con.

All in all I'm happy with the deck choice, from here on I think corps are gonna speed up a bit again so this'll either need to speed up a bit (particularly in terms of the breakers, study guide is kinda painful early) or become more prison-y with the source. Skorp could also necessitate more batty answers or a third sac con.