Magical Christmas (Wey)Land [First-Turn Corp Win Combo]

Gyro88 141

This deck has only one purpose: to win before the Runner gets a turn to play, in Standard.

The only relevant cards for the combo line are shown in the screenshot below. The rest are nonsensical ice-related cards in a deck with no ice, included solely for publishing/legality reasons.

Relevant 1-Turn Win Cards

With perfect draws/sequencing/shuffles, this deck will score out 7 agenda points with a card- and click-perfect line before the Runner is allowed their first turn. This was a theorycrafting exercise in collaboration with Jtfq99999, who worked out the final line and provided this magnificent replay demonstrating it.

Toron calculates the odds of hitting the combo. They are small.

Thanks to Jtfq99999 for helping solve the puzzle and letting me sleep easy knowing it is in fact possible, as I suspected!

4 Mar 2024 Jai

Finally… after all these years… we’ve figured out what BABW is good for…

Amazing effort!

4 Mar 2024 Gyro88

@Jai It's apparently quite good for spamming Red Level Clearance, basically.

4 Mar 2024 Jtfq99999

Lets gooooooo

6 Mar 2024 Santa

Incredible!! I was trying to figure it out, and didn’t consider the spinning back of RLC. The replay was super useful!!

Slightly highly likelihood in mental netrunner 😝

8 Mar 2024 somefish254

I needed the replay to understand the line! From what I can tell, the idea is to have 3 Red Level Clearance and 3 Spin Doctor in the opening hand and mandatory draw. Then, use the RLCs to install clicklessly, and Spin Doctors and respun-RLCs to draw cards clicklessly, making sure to spin back the RLCs. This results in 3x Spin Doctors removed from game; 3x RLCs in Archives; SanSan City Grid and Arella Salvatore installed in a remote server; 1x Too Big Too Fail 3x Hostile Takeover 2x Regulatory Capture in hand; and 3 clicks left. Use those clicks to play Too Big Too Fail, install a Hostile Takeover, and advance it once. Then, rez everything and score each agenda.

8 Mar 2024 Gyro88

@somefish254yep! The replay really helps show it clearly

10 Mar 2024 Santa

I just took a closer look at the list, and spotted that every non-combo card is worthless with no ice in the deck, lol love it!

10 Mar 2024 Santa

Can’t wait to see this on the Metropole Grid stream!

10 Mar 2024 Gyro88

@Santa Those other cards are like

11 Mar 2024 Cannister

I want someone to calculate the probability of pulling this off in an actual game. It's got to be less likely than the sum of all conspiracy theories combined being true.

11 Mar 2024 Radiant

@CannisterIt's in the writeup!

11 Mar 2024 Cannister

@Radiant reading, has once again foiled me. Damn!

12 Mar 2024 Gyro88

@Cannister to be fair, that probability screenshot was only added after it was put up as DotW, so it doesn't appear in the writeup displayed there 🙂

13 Mar 2024 Toper

This is lovely! The combo needs 5 free installs (3 spin, Arella, SanSan) and 20 draws (9 RLC, 3 spin, 5 agendas, Arella, SanSan, TBTF). The RLCs give 5 installs and 8 draws, the spin doctors draw 6 more, and the corp starts with 6. It's just exactly enough to be possible, and the combo pieces cost just exactly enough influence.

13 Mar 2024 Gyro88

@Toper yep, it's kind of a thing of beauty eh? A silly exercise, but pleasing result

15 Mar 2024 Testrunning

I love the non-combo cards in this list. They all require ice but there isnt any. Perfection