Consume Freedom (65th at Worlds, 2-5)

Testrunning 840

I tried to make Freedom work for another year and this was the result.

Wins were against R+ and Sawasrati and loses were against PD, Kill Gagarin and 3 Boom-CtM. Looking back I was too impatient in 2 of the 3 CtM games, this deck should have a decent chance. The Gagarin game was very unfortunate as they drew both false leads and all 3 HHN before I could find Misdirection or SMC.

All in all the deck could have performed better but I played suboptimally.

Potentially Hotels and Casts could be substituted for WCS and Moshing.

26 Feb 2022 jamesmarcus

I think the published list is missing misdirection. What would you cut for it? Always loved Freedom and looking for a way to play him in the current meta.